PSC Family Science Night

The PSC is so excited about our upcoming Family Science Night on the 23rd of February from 5pm-7pm in the Auditorium. We are currently hoping to get many Senior School Volunteers (that means both middle school and high school) to help us run the experiment stations. However, at this time we are also opening it up to parent volunteers to help us fill our volunteer needs.
The link to view the different stations and to sign up is here:
You can pick the individual experiment you would like to run. If you would like a friend to run it with you, that’s ok too. We just need one person to sign up, and that will be the person we contact for confirmation, reminders and helpful information regarding the event. The PSC will supply all materials.
Speaking of materials, we do need several recycled items to help the PSC lower our carbon footprint when hosting events, so please remind your parents to keep a look out for these items. Drop off any items you have in the JS office. We are looking for:
Water bottles
Caps to water bottles
Shoe boxes
Old CDs or DVDs
Action Figures
Old broom (for the handle)
Old T Shirts
Egg carton (not plastic)
Empty clear tennis ball cans
Empty spools of thread
Old golf balls
Old towels
Scraps of wool (or an old wool hat/ scarf)
February is going to be a busy time at Prem, but I do hope we see many of you at this event. Thanks in advance for your support!

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