Protecting National Parks: learning through play

In the IEP students learn about sustainability in a myriad of ways; sustainability class; regular visits to the farm; and fun and games created by the VSP staff.

A. Scott teaches students about the importance of our national parks.

A. Eve sparks student interest in national parks.

Today the VSP team taught us about sustainability through play. We learned how when we use up our resources in a national park, the boundaries get smaller and there’s less resources for all.
We started with one dinosaur, the dinosaur soon becomes hungry and needs to eat. The hunting takes place by throwing soft darts at students, who pose as Kiwi birds; once you are hit, you become a dinosaur, so watch out!

As the game progressed, the teachers starting adding ‘mystery darts’ to the mix, these darts represented trash in our forest, so anyone caught throwing, or hit by these darts, was immediately ‘out!’
Students quickly learned that when we use up our natural resources, the park boundaries shrink; when we litter in our parks, it harms all the wildlife and animals die, adding to the risk of endangered species.

Blue darts represent trash, so DON’T TOUCH!

It is a real privilege to learn outside of the classroom, through games and having fun. These learning experiences teach us about real-world issues, help reinforce open-minded thinking, with the hope that we might all someday become ‘globalized citizens: working together for a sustainable future’ .

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