Professional Development at Prem

This week at Prem our staff had a full day of professional development. The day was split into three sections; Learning Trios, Innovation Hubs and Campus as a Classroom. We have spoken to every section leader to find out more:

In our Learning trios, like-minded groups of 3 teachers connected and worked together to create an instructional goal that they would all implement in their teaching practice. Over the course of the year, those same 3 teachers will be invited into each other’s classrooms, observe the goal being implemented, gather evidence and analyze it, and then reflect on how they might move forward with it. They also each created a role-based/professional goal that relates to a wider aspect of school life. Lastly, and optionally, they created a wellness goal that they could stick to for the year. This is an example of how our teachers are personalizing their own learning and setting their own targets to reach. Ultimately, it benefits all our students!

Ajarn Rick

Assistant Head of School


In AY21/22, Innovation Hubs (sometimes called the Professional Learning Community) will continue to be spaces where seasoned learners (a.k.a. teachers) will imagine, design, and explore initiatives based on areas of pedagogy in which they are interested. While they are free to delve into any area for which they are curious to develop their practice, each Hub has a mission to deepen learning at Prem. This year, teachers will be able to join one of the five Hubs that carried over from last year, join a Hub whose thrust Senior Leadership identified as a strategic need for the school (campus as a classroom, channels of communication, learning spaces), or come up with their own ideas. We used the PD day on Monday to bring together the Hubs for the first time this academic year.

Benjamin Freud, Ph.D

Whole School Teaching and Learning Lead


On the morning of Monday’s professional development day, the staff came together to develop creative thinking, deepen relationships with each other and the Earth, and enhance the use of the campus as a classroom. In five mixed groups, staff moved around the campus to engage in first-hand experiences involving natural resources, equipment and expertise, and to consider how they might be utilised for curricular experiences. The campfire workshop centred on a mindfulness practice where staff considered the health benefits of nature and the importance of recognising the interconnectedness of life through forest bathing and quiet reflection. At the farm, staff learned more about how plants, fruit and spices could be used to create a variety of artwork. There was also an energy and technology workshop where the hydroponic farm, bike blender, compost and cookery options were all on offer to experience and consider. At the aquaponic area, water was used as a provocation through activities such as sampling, classification and pond dipping. Finally, on our school buffalo field, staff learned how to manipulate bamboo and identify a variety of beautiful birds in our environment. After each station, everyone completed an ‘exit ticket’ where they listed and described how they might incorporate any of these ideas into their lessons, boarding programme, Exploria sessions and much more. Consequently, not only did the staff feel energised by their experiences with the Earth and each other but also left the day with an impressive collection of pedagogical inspiration with which they can now bring to our students.

Charlotte Hankin

Grade 3/4 Teacher

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