Proactive PSC and a Positive Pressure System ( Mark 1!)

Led by PSC Director Achim, a proactive and creative group of parents are constructing ingenious air filtration machines that not only clear the air of dangerous PM2.5 particles but also reduce the CO2 content of a room.

The problem with air filters in a classroom setting is that with so many people in the room, and all the windows shut, CO2 starts to build up, meaning that every now and then the windows need to be opened, which then reduces CO2 but increases the PM2.5 particles. (Obviously, most air purifiers in the school do work effectively and create a safe environment during days when AQI is poor, but it would be optimal to have clean air AND no CO2 build up).

To gain some insight into CO2 impact on human cognition click

The Positive Pressure Systems being constructed by this parent group brings air into rooms and filters it as it does so resulting in low AQI and low CO2. They have trialled their device in one of Prem’s Science labs with very positive results. The design is evolving and being refined, with all aspects being considered; for instance, they have greatly reduced the noise the machine makes to the extent it is quieter than conventional air purifiers.

The overall cost of each unit is also less than buying purifiers. However, the school is also looking into professional positive pressure systems and has already met with a few vendors but it will be difficult to get these installed for this smoky season due to long delivery times. So the units that the parent group are building can already be used for this season for the worst affected rooms in regards to mitigate CO2 build up.

This is a very exciting initiative and is a great example of design problem solving and development, creative thinking and community team work. Congratulations to Achim and his team, we look forward to seeing their designs evolve further and make our teaching and learning environments even healthier. If you are interested to be part of this parent group, please email the PSC at


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