Pride at Prem!

Why is Pride Month so important?

A couple of weeks ago I went to speak with our Head of School to ask if we could do an event for Pride Month! But why do I feel so strongly about this event? Pride month is unlike any month for it is a month to give the people of the LGBTQ+IA community a time to be open and celebrate their own beings.  Being a member of the LGBTQ+IA community, makes me so happy to know that I and others are accepting of who they truly are, regardless of who they identify as.

Freedom and expression are two things about pride month that I particularly adore and I am so proud to go to a school where we can celebrate. Prem’s mission and vision are all about being principled, caring, accepting and kind and all of these can be met whilst we celebrate diversity! Overall, celebrating pride month is crucial for everyone to learn about different viewpoints while also having a blast!

Eliza Waterman

Grade 7 Student

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