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They say that human connection can be measured by as few as six degrees of separation and if that’s true, it certainly makes our global community incredibly ‘inter-connected’. It is very much the case that here at Prem, the connections and relationships that we have built over the years through our collaborations with creative practitioners and creative thinkers have led us to some inspiring and impactful collaborations. The positive experiences gained through our Artist Residency Thailand programme are often passed, through word of mouth, from one practitioner or organisation to another and over the years we have grown a network and a community of experts that stretches around the world. 

Our groundbreaking work with leading arts organizations, pioneers, entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers continues to connect our students to diverse and unique learning opportunities. The apparent six degrees of separation may prevent each of us from individually knowing all of humanity, however, it is through connection rather than separation, specifically our connection and commitment to creativity, that has afforded our students and community some incredible opportunities over the years. 

Connection to family and community, to the natural world, to a philosophy of sustainability and respect for our environment complete the three principles that Prem stands by proudly on the stage of international education. The global pandemic may have thrown some temporary barriers regarding our ability to connect directly, or at least face-to-face, but it hasn’t prevented us from working with the caliber of creative minds that our Artist Residency Thailand programme is famous for.

Last year our grade 4 students had the chance to work on an extended project about self expression with world-champion beatboxer SK Shlomo. Shlomo took a break from collaborating with artists such as Ed Sheeran, Bjork and Damon Albarn to engage our students on a two-week project, guiding our young people to explore how they could find inspiration in lockdown from their environments and imaginations. These online engagements have continued during the pandemic with world famous philosopher Nigel Warburton and cutting-edge neuroscientist Anil Seth creating a public seminar for TOK students that explored the nature and origins of consciousness; food for thought for any IB student, or indeed anyone interested in the mysteries of the brain. Like so many of the artists and thinkers who engage with Prem students, Anil’s work enjoys an international following, most recently exemplified by this article in the Guardian Newspaper

As we move into this academic year, the way we will connect our learning with our international experts is uncertain. What is clear is that whether face-to-face, or online, Prem remains committed to ensuring that our students benefit from our network of creative thinkers and are challenged and inspired by unique insights and approaches that they bring to their learning.


Alex Soulsby 

Creative Director

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