Hello! We are the Eco Committee, which consists of a group of students who are trying to achieve the green flag for sustainability, an award accredited by Eco-Schools. The green flag is an award given to open spaces, parks, schools, and many other organisations and we hope we can make Prem a better place for everyone by learning more about sustainability practices .

Prem’s library has a new section dedicated to environmental books to help communicate the importance of sustainability, with a variety of books such as natural causes/disasters, sustainability practices like reducing, reusing, recycling, and story books that help educate children about the beauty of nature. 

You can locate this Eco-Schools’ section by walking into the library and turning right towards the comic book section. We hope you find these books to be very useful, informative and easy to read. We also hope children will want to read and enjoy these books so they can be better informed about sustainability issues to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Come and take a look at the special Eco-Schools’ section. Bring your child or your friends to relax in the library to learn more about the environment and how to contribute to sustainability. Don’t be shy to learn new things – maybe reading these children’s books will help you gain some new knowledge too!

Thank you to Ajarn Ivy, our wonderful Librarian, for putting together this important display!  



Oojee (G7) and Kaohom (G7),

Eco-Committee Journalists

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