PREM’s IB Diploma Visual Arts show of 2022

This year we are privileged to host the solo exhibitions of five very special artists who have battled through two, more than usually, difficult years to get to this point. Overcoming many obstacles, demonstrating resilience, kindness and, when all else failed, a sense of humour.

The artists chose ‘Corruption’ as the title for this event, as each of them has explored this idea in some form throughout their artistic journey. Whether that is the corruptive effects of time, power or money, the distorted structures of memory, reflections on paradises lost or how emotional responses alter our experience of events. They have also used ephemeral materials that are sensitive to the passing of time, these works are changeable or even perishable. They look at cycles and comment on the transience of things, civilizations are formed, they develop, decline and sometimes perish. Out of the dust… and all that.

We hope that you enjoy the show, we hope that you feel moved by what you see and we hope that you can learn from our wonderful artists here. Be resilient, be kind, be able to laugh at yourself and when you see something you disagree with, make art about it.

Please come along to see the artwork for yourselves, it will be in the Art House/Studio 3 open daily throughout April and May.

Elizabeth Hassell

Curriculum Leader of Arts, Arts teacher



Find out more about the artists and the ideas behind their work:


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