Prem's Golfing Success

The Northern Thai Juniors Tournament was hosted at The Royal Chiang Mai Golf Resort last weekend and it was a weekend to remember with many of Chiang Mai’s finest junior golfers participating.
Prem International students, Chinda  (Grade 3) and Dora (Grade 1) played exceptionally well with both of them finishing in first place in their age category!  In sweltering temperatures and strong competition at hand, our Prem juniors kept their composure extremely well and performed perfectly under pressure.
Chinda, who is a well-known name in the junior tour,  is now joined by Dora who is making her mark in the girls competition. What a proud moment for The Prem Golf Centre as well as Prem’s Junior school!
Please do pass on your heartfelt congratulations when you see them around school!
Coach Sid
Prem Golf Centre

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