Prem’s “Bike for Dad 2016” Celebrating His Majesty the King’s 88th Birthday.

Thai people throughout the country are urged to join the “Bike for Dad” event on Saturday 12 December to show their love and loyalty to His Majesty the King on the occasion of his 88th birthday anniversary on 05 December. His Majesty the King is recognised as the “Father of the Thai Nation” and his birthday is observed as Thailand’s National Day and National Father’s Day. The event will be hosted by the government and staged in all provinces. 

Here at Prem International School, many Thai boarding students, bike-lovers or anyone who wanted to give their best wishes to celebrate such a special day all lined up in front of the Banana Bike. It was so happy to see all the junior boarding students happily taking part in this ride – they could not only get some yummy desserts when finished, but also do a lottery draw for the top three prizes. At 9:30 am, Nurses from the Medical Centre, photographers from the Marketing Team, Securities Guards from the daily patrolling as well as boarding staff on duty were ready in their positions to ensure the safety and flexibility of the ride. Everyone dressed in yellow and blue in accordance with all the Thai people over the country on this day.

Starting at 9:45, the ride launched with the cheerful laughs from the kids and sincere wishes from everyone, “Happy Birthday to His Majesty the King!” Thanks to the hard work of everybody who helped to support and coordinate this event, a special thank you to Ajarn Prim and Nurse Aon for organising this event. Everybody in the flow of ride enjoyed the warm sunshine of the morning as well as the smiles and cheers from the pedestrians in Prem’s beautiful atmosphere of our picturesque environment.

The route of bikes symbolised a river of youthful vitality and faithful wishes to His Majesty. On this special occasion, the cheerful riders expressed their gratitude and loyalty to His Majesty; in this special moment, the athletic riders showed the unity of Thai people and other international citizens in our three-generation community; during this special ride, the lovely participants played their roles from the different perspectives of the event.

Happy Birthday to His Majesty the King! Best wishes from riders of Prem.

Written by Ajarn Jun and Ajarn Qi


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