Prem Visakha Bucha Merit Making Day

We will be Giving Alms to 9 Buddhist monks on Tuesday 9 May from 8.20 am to 9.10 am.

This activity is related to Visakha Bucha Day which is remarked as an International Important Buddhist Day.

Where: Along Global Way

When: Tuesday 9 May from 8.20 am to 9.10 am

What to bring: 9 sets of offerings such as dried rice, dried food, canned food, sugar, fruit juice. Do not bring cooked food or fresh food.

What to do: All children will meet with their homeroom teacher first and then come to Global way with their homeroom class.

  1. Come promptly to the Global Way with 9 sets of the offerings
  2. Wait quietly
  3. Give alms to 9 monks who have been invited from the local temples. The monks will walk in line. Wait until the monks walk to you.
  4. After giving Alms to the monks, you can leave and go back to your classes
  5. If you wish to join in the prayers session, after giving alms, move yourselves to in front of the admin building

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