Prem Swim Programme (With Swim Stars, Chiang Mai)

We are delighted to announce that we are starting a year round Prem Swim Programme, which will be part of the Prem Swim Centre. This is very similar to our golf, tennis and Prem FC programmes that aim to provide high quality coaching to Prem students at a very reasonable cost. We are partnering up with ‘Swim Stars’ Chiang Mai, which is run by an Australian coach, Coach Joy, who will run all the sessions. Coach Joy is an ASCTA (Australia Swim Coaches and Teachers Association) coach and has been coaching around 30 Prem students over the summer break. The feedback from the summer coaching has been excellent, so we are now going to offer a full programme, starting from September 14, 2020. Please see the attached poster and schedule for more details and please remember these very important details:
  • The sessions run on a recurring monthly basis (Starting, Monday September 14)
  • To sign up for the sessions please contact Coach Joy directly, who will give further information on cost and availability (Please see attached poster for details)
  • This is not part of our Exploria programme currently (You are signing up directly with Coach Joy), therefore if you want to join the swim programme please make sure it does not clash with any Exploria sign ups.
Below is the schedule for the Swim programme. If you sign up for the swim squads there are 4 sessions a week. The Dolphins swim squad is for Junior School students, while the Orcas swim squad is for Senior School students. There are other stroke sessions and learn to swim sessions for different age groups. Coach Joy can give you more information when you contact her:

Programme details HERE

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