Prem Students excited to start their IBCP SCAD course

This year three of our IBCP grade 11 students are taking the IB Careers Related Programme SCAD route. SCAD is the Savannah College of Art and Design, a prestigious US art school offering a very wide range of courses – broarder than you might expect, they even have Equestrian Studies! Prem IBCP students take SCAD online distance learning courses that count towards their IBCP award and earn college credits.

The first course they will take is ‘Draw 100’ which is a rigorous observation drawing course It is taught by Professor Terpstra and is a wonderful sequence of 5 ‘portfolios’ (units) which provide a world class foundational skill base for any career or specialism that involves visual language. (I wish I had the opportunity for something like this when I was at school!).

Mentoring the SCAD students as they work through the various courses is a joy, especially as they become diverse and pursue different pathways. After the initial foundational courses students can specialize more; this year our three students will take SCAD courses leading to specialisms in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design.

More information about SCAD can be found HERE

For more information about IBCP at Prem please contact Ajarn Lisa

Or go to our IBCP webpage: HERE

Ajarn Richard


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