Prem school hats in the Junior School

No hat = no outdoor play!  All Junior School students to wear a Prem hat from 1 March 2016.

As the weather is warming up, from 1 March 2016 a Prem school hat will be enforced as a compulsory part of the uniform. Students must wear their Prem hat for all outdoor play and lessons. Students who do not have their hat will not be able to play in uncovered areas.

The no hat = no outdoor play rule it to protect our students from sun damage. Our children are at school during peak UV radiation times five days a week.

We have two types of Prem hats in the uniform shop to choose from, a bucket hat and a cap as pictured on these sun smart EY 3 students. Please make sure you clearly mark your child's name on their school hat.

Be sun smart – wear a Prem school hat!

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