Prem Parent - Golf Review

I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with Coach Sid and Prem Golf.

We moved from Hong Kong to Chiang Mai at the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year. In Hong Kong, our son had been asking for golf lessons for quite some time but the facilities were just not readily available. Soon after our move to Chiang Mai, we enrolled our son in Golf Exploria a couple of times per week. He immediately took to the game and we soon added private lessons to supplement his development. It has been very exciting for all of us as he is now playing local tournaments and enjoying continued success.

Coach Sid is not only an excellent coach, he is an outstanding role model. Golf is a game of honor, discipline, focus and respect for others. Coach Sid understands this and works with kids to aid in their personal development in conjunction with their growth as a player. We have seen a significant improvement in our son’s school work as a result of this increased focus and discipline.

We highly recommend giving Prem Golf a try even if you or your child’s goal is not competitive golf. Golf is a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime and as the great golfer Payne Stewart once said “…but in the end it’s still a game of golf, and if at the end of the day you can’t shake hands with your opponents and still be friends, then you’ve missed the point.” Coach Sid ensures kids enjoy the game first.

Come out and have some fun!

Butch and Som Fisher

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