Prem Panthers Footballers defy the odds

At the beginning of the football season, our Prem panthers football teams played Grace in their first games and to be honest came up well short, losing a cumulative 15-1 across our four teams (JV girls and boys, varsity girls and boys). However, what a difference the season makes, with hard work, a good attitude and some great coaching all four teams defied expectations and put in great performances during the CMAC final tournaments:

JV Girls:
The girls avenged their underserved final loss at the Prem Fall Classic to Grace by beating them in the CMAC final by 4-2. A fantastic performance and a great effort by the girls throughout the whole season.

JV Boys:
What an improvement in this team! The boys started the season with a few defeats, but by the end of the season where a whisker away from becoming CMAC champions. On the way they beat Grace in the semifinals by 2-1 (They have lost 7-0 earlier in the season) and narrowly lost to Lanna in the final.

Varsity Girls:
Another fantastic improvement from this team led them all the way to the final and a matchup against powerhouses Grace. Prem although losing the final, played what A. James described as the best game they have played since he started coaching them last year. Showing great heart and a great level of skill the girls did Prem proudly.

Varsity Boys:
The Varsity boys grew as a team this year showing more togetherness and much-improved teamwork during the year. there were some fantastic goals and a superb performance in a close match with CMIS to take the bronze medal at the CMAC finals.

Well done to all our players!

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