Prem Invitational success at Royal Chiangmai Golf Resort

Our third Prem Invitational (November 28 saturday, 2020) delivers once again with 45 participants from Chiangmai, that included students & parents from Prem and other International schools. Those in attendance were from Chiangmai International school, Unity concord International school, Panyaden International school and Nakornpayap International school. 
Our Prem Golfers being the largest in number won in several categories keeping the atmosphere both friendly and competitive at the same time. Not only did many of them sport their favourite Prem Golf shirts but they were well prepared and played with their best efforts forward. I cannot put in words how proud i am of all of them. A few special mentions go out to – 
Adult :-
Sandra Petryk (Runner up) – Prem Golf Centre student.
David Petryk (Second runner up) – Prem Golf Centre student.
Andrew Parlby (Third runner up) – Prem staff.
Elite Junior category:-
Kevin Reimmann (Champion)
Ziqi Gao (Second runner up) – GRADE 10
Shuiyun He (Third runner up) – GRADE 11
Advanced Junior category:-
Lunning Yang (Runner up) 
David Mitterhoff (Second runner up)
Kobby (Third runner up)
Intermediate Junior category:- 
Hayato Oku (Champion) – GRADE 6
William Xia (Second runner up) – GRADE 6
TJ Fisher (Third runner up) – GRADE 6
Super Juniors :- 
Tiger Hu (Champion) – GRADE 4
Victoria Xia (Runner up) – GRADE 4
Nirwan Chawla (Second runner up) – GRADE 4
Little Juniors :- 
Chinda Ziyu Liu (Champion) – GRADE 2
Zachary Zhao (Runner up) – GRADE 1
Sub Juniors and the youngest players (6 yrs) :-
Xu Shi Man (Champion) – EY3
A big Thank you to our Senior School Principal, Jeffrey Marquis for attending with his son Keenan and handing out prizes to our winners. Our Golfers were really excited to receive their prizes from our very own Ajarn Jeff. Thank you to all our participants from other schools. It was you, that made an event of this magnitude possible. We look forward to welcoming all of you again soon.Thank you Lee, for promoting this event among other schools. Thanks Khun Match for the prizes. 
Siddharth (Sid) Nag.
Director of Golf Centre.

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