Prem Have Made it to Papau New Guinea!

Thank you for your ongoing support and effort in our inter-House community Around The World challenge. After 7 weeks of effort, our community has amassed a staggering 34,760 kms. This distance places the community somewhere between Papua New Guinea and Guam. Well done and congratulations to Earth House for achieving the highest number of kms in Week 7.
We have just 5,315kms left to go in order to reach our destination …….. home, here in Chiang Mai. With a really big push this week, we might be able to manage our challenge in 8 weeks. Keep those kms coming in !
Lastly, every House has nominated a worthy charity to raise some much needed donations for. As we near the end of this challenge, please pledge or donate money for your House charities. It would be fantastic that our collective efforts have not just been for our wellbeing but also for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Crispian Waterman

Director of Boarding & House System

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