Prem Golf and Tennis Centers Tournaments

Prem Golf and Tennis Centers are pleased to announce both student and community tournaments that will be taking place after the Winter Break. The Prem Invitational Golf and Tennis Tournaments have been created to help promote these sports among both CMAC students and non-CMAC international students. In conjunction with these tournaments, we will also run Prem/Traidhos Community tournaments for adult community members and their friends to show their skills in these two sports. Both student and community tournaments will have groups for advanced as well as intermediate players, with the emphasis being on participation. The golf tournaments, which will be held at Green Valley Golf Club, will be followed by an awards dinner. Please see the tournament flyers for information and if you have any questions please contact:

A. Lee (Athletic Director):
Coach Sid (Head of Prem Golf Center):
Coach LaDe (Head of Prem Tennis Center):
Any Prem students who wish to take part in either tournament, please contact A. Lee, Coach Sid or Coach LaDe.
Any community members wishing to join in either tournament can enter by filling in these Google Forms:

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