Prem gets ready for some research.

An early start to Wed for some parents and Ajarn Emma Shaw, from the senior school science team. In order to develop some primary research into the mixing height in the atmosphere and PM2.5. The  team visited the meteorological research area close to Chiang Mai airport. We were taught how to determine balloon size to weight of the data logging sensors, how to calculate the mixing height, wind direction and speed. Training also took place on how to safely prepare these balloons for launch.
This research aims to provide data that can be used to predict the severity of the PM2.5 based on the height of the mixing layer. These can then be used to determine exactly when burning must not take place.
This research will take place with students, parents and teachers, and if you are interested in learning more, or getting involved, please contact Dr Emma Shaw.
Dr Emma M Shaw

IBDP Environmental Systems and Societies teacher

IBCP PPS teacher

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