A huge success and truly a Dance to Remember. The title of our event was meant to be! 

Ajarn Danny and I would like to express our sincere thanks for your participation during this 2-day event. We also would like to thank the following people who helped make this event a success.

Thank you to our fantastic cast who worked extremely hard to present memorable performances including:

Grade 1 students (Daisy, Ella, Jack, Leo, Kovtun, Ryno, Mira, Hussey, Eason, Happy, Nathida, JanJao, Sonar, Shem, Daniel, Jasper, Mia, Mahe, Khongkwan, Huang Lele, Anna, Yang, Bonnie, Qingyin (Chloe), Achirawat) and to the Grade 1 Parents for their involvement in the rehearsals and the event itself and parent ambassadors for promoting the event via different ways of communications.

And those from our Exploria programme, Dance Choreography: Junior School students (Mieka, Masha, Catherine, Cathy, Ivy, Yun, Alicia, Melody, Judy, Alani, Yejin, Daisy, Dian Dian, Seven, Yeon Woo, Vicky), Senior School Students (Marie, Entong, Sally, Fiona, Yilin, Caroline, Cici, Zoe) and additional students who joined us in our journey (Noa, Guru, Ugyen, Jerry W., Jampel).

Thank you to our delightful staff and parents: Ajarn Akane, Ajarn Keiko, Ajarn Boo, Ceci, Ping, Shen Na, Yan and to the Black Shadow people: Stanley, James K, Sophia C.

Thank you to the Co-hosts of Friday evening: Steve and Coco and the AVG team led by Oc and Andreas – good job!

To the two visiting schools and their brilliant students (NIS and ABS), in the hope to make more events together soon! Also, our guest Zumba teachers, A. Shanie and K. FonFon from Decathlon Fitness programme, and our guest Dance Instructors from Dance Connect, K. Ice and K. Pai. It was great to learn from them.

A special thanks to K. Mee who helped us produce amazing promotional posters and stunning tickets and to K. Miew and K. Kib with their help with ticket sales. 

Finally, K. Viroj, K. Ning and their teams, and our Prem IT team who worked so hard to help us with the set up and the smooth run of these two days. 

“Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” – Charles Baudelaire

Watch the whole video of the event: HERE 

Ajarn Danny Ellis & Ajarn Déborah Châtillon

Prem Dance Festival

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