Prem Dance Fest Showcases Prem Talent

The annual Prem Dance Fest was held on Wednesday, April 25 with both solo dancers and dance groups from Prem, NIS, CMIS, LIST and Hug academy showcasing their talents at the event. Dancing to a packed auditorium with over 400 people watching, all the dancers showed high levels of skill that proved how much hard work had gone into their performances. Their dances drew cheering and gasps from the crowd which was a highly entertaining evening for all. The evening was played in and played out by the welcome addition of our DJ, Ruben in G11, while Gergo and Gun (Both G10) proved to be great MC’s for the evening. The evening could not have been such a success without the support of our AVG crew, student volunteers, our operations team and those people that ran our concessions stalls.

All in all, we made over 15,000 Baht for our chosen charity, which was Kingdom Kids, while many of the stalls made money for their service projects.
Well done again to all our dancers you did a great job!

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