Prem Community Learning Week (Residential Camp)

Last week saw the second installment of our Prem Community Learning (PCL) Week for our Grade 6-10 students. The Prem Community Learning Week is what used to be called Prem Camps and gives our students an opportunity to explore areas outside the curriculum, whilst learning skills, staying away from home and bonding with their classmates. Traditionally, these PCL camps are 4 days/3nights in November, but as with other activities we had to be flexible during the pandemic. Therefore, earlier in the year we had two stand alone PCL Learning days, and last week we finished it off with a 2 day/1 night residential camp for all our students.
All our grade level camps are themed (Grade 6: Team Building, Grade 7: Arts and Drama, Grade 8: Adventure, Grade 9: Service, Grade 10: Environmentalism), with students focusing on activities that promote essential life skills, such as cooking, leadership and working as a team.
At Prem we are in a perfect position with our sister organisation ‘Traidhos Learning Community’ having 20+ years of delivering outdoor education and camps for students from all around the world. In addition, our campus provides a fantastic environment to run these activities, with Chiang Mai being surrounded by nature and fantastic learning spaces.
As well as the Grade 6-10 camps, Ajarn Ian ran a Musical Theatre Camp for those students getting ready for the production that is coming this weekend. The camp gave these students to rehearse, get costumes and sets ready and I am sure this will aid them in delivering an outstanding performance on Saturday 11th June!
Some of the highlights were Grade 10’s trip to Doi Inthanon, Grade 6 camping at Mok Fa, Grade 7 learning to cook pizza and spring rolls, Grade 9 learning photography and how to showcase it and Grade 8 hiking in preparation for next year’s International Award.

Next year, our PCL Camps promise to be back to 4 days/3nights with students getting even more opportunities to test themselves and learn new skills.

Lee Stevens

Director of Student Life

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