Prem Boarders got creative this week!

At the weekend boarding staff Ajarn Panika, Ajarn Francia and Ajarn Sid ran a floral garland workshop for the boarders. They did a marvellous job; particularly Emily and Peter, who were especially creative. One did a flower crown and earrings, and the other made a necklace. Jack concentrated very well and was the first to finish making his garland beautifully. Eveyrone made a garland in their own styles and did fantastically.
In further creativity news, Ajarn Maggie recently ran a calligraphy competition; all the Chinese boarders still on campus participated and have been asking us to vote which one we like best! They all look amazing; the winner will be announced soon. Ajarn Maggie created a really unique display for the calligraphy efforts, it looks very impressive! They are on display in the Boarding Lounge.

Aj.Alexandra Prescott

Boarding Parent

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