Prem Badminton Players have great success

Our Prem badminton team has been training throughout Exploria season 3 with our coaches June from G11 and A. Igor. This practice has obviously paid dividends as our players had great success at the CMAC tournament. On Saturday, April 28, our team went to Kusadow badminton complex and competed against other CMAC schools and with well over 100 players from all schools, 25 of whom were from Prem, the results were excellent. Here is a list of our successes:
U20 Girls: June G11 (Champion)
U12 Boys: Ping-Ping G6 (Champion)
U16 Girls: Ploi G10: Runner Up
U14 Boys: Jay G7: (Runner Up)
U12 Girls June G5: 3rd Place
So a big congratulations to all our badminton team on a fantastic season.

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