Prem Arts Team Forging Ahead

The Arts department at Prem is renowned for its joyful and effective teaching and learning. This year there are exhibitions, musical performances, drama, collaborations, and innovations ahead.

Up and coming events include:

The ’24 Hour Arts In’ – 24 hours of creativity and process involving all the Arts and the Film students.

G10 short FEAR performances for Halloween Friday 29th.

The Grade 9 Art and Design Group are currently engaged in an exciting project that leads to casting with hot metal.

G9 Drama – Theatre of the Oppressed assembly performance coming soon!.

The Prem Cabaret – a variety night with a mix of talent from Prem Students and professional acts and great food at Terra Restaurant. Coming in December.

G11 Film students created some amazing short autobiographical films about identity and culture.

The G11 Art students will be curating their first group show and exhibiting in the PREMs newest exhibition space

The Grade 10 artists are making NFTs and exploring our faith in the digital realm. Senior School students will be asked to help them with an important decision soon…..

On the 23rd during assembly there will be a CAS focused charity concert organised by a G11 Music student

On the 24th of November there will be a lunchtime percussion concert outside the auditorium.

At the end of the term on the 2nd December a whole school musical Winter wonderland celebration involving a wide range of amazing performances from PREM students.

On the 6th and 14th of November musical auditions for the PREM Terra Gala Concert are taking place in the Music Rooms!

Our IBCP SCAD students received more amazing scores for their second assessment with 2 students achieving more than 95% and their mid-term grades from SCAD were A’s and B’s.

An exciting time in the Arts Department at Prem!!
Prem Art Department

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