Precious Plastics Academy Exploria!

Precious Plastics Academy Exploria, is a student driven group who concentrate on repurposing and processing waste on campus. Originally this group focused purely on processing the plastic on campus and creating sustainable products such as medals for sporting events. But with our creative thinkers putting their research skills into action, students have identified many other types of waste that we can repurpose into new and useful items. 

Students get to develop new skills for designing and developing new products that help them become more knowledgeable in computer-aided design, pattern development and liaising with an engineer to allow them to see their ideas go into production.

Students develop their caring and compassionate sides in helping to raise awareness of the issues of waste disposal and sustainability through regular communications on their dedicated social media accounts.

Precious Plastics Academy Prem will soon undergo a rebranding to reflect the increased types of waste we are able to repurpose.  Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

Watch our Precious Plastics Video!


Dr.Emma Shaw

Science Teacher

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