Power and Precision

Prem Golf Centre, Giving You the Knowledge, for Power and Precision
The game of golf is unique in that, with proper guidance, we have found that there are built in guarantees that help achieve independent thinkers, decision makers, calculated risk takers and the growth of personal confidence.
Golf is the only sport where you can call a penalty on yourself and in doing so it is a display of honor and responsibility. These are character building qualities that go hand in hand towards building a lifestyle of sustainability.
We provide an opportunity to represent honor, respect and responsibility through the game of golf. This is built into our skills development section of our program, the playing of golf on the course and tournament play along with group and private conversations. This formula is the most powerful tool for our student’s growth.
Our Mission: Provide an atmosphere of Honor, Respect and Responsibility and by Giving You the Knowledge for Power and Precision through our golf instruction system to create a mindset that can be instilled not only for golf skills but for life skills as well.

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