Poetry Skills of Class B

The class B has been working hard learning about poetry in our current unit. Students have learned about many different types of poetry, from Cinquain, to Haiku and Acrostic. Since the beginning of the unit we have explored these different styles by listening and reading the works of other great poets, then students were given a chance to practice writing different kinds of poems.
Today we experimented with the idea of writing Theme Poetry, and the students completed some really great work. To help us create our poems we used an online website which allowed us to chose from different themes.

Students work with the Read, Write, Think website to create their theme poems.

This was a very engaging activity; one, because students love technology; two, because it was a simple way to get students writing poetry, which they loved! Some students composed as many as four poems, they were all really proud of their finished work. Anything that gets students writing is good. I hope to work with more technologies like the Read, Think, Write website in the future, and I’m certain the students will agree.

After writing their poems, students shared via email, then I printed out the final version. They were all proud of their work and happy to display on the walls of the IEP B classroom; welcome all to come in and have a look!


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