Plastic Survey

As part of our Earth Day focus on reducing plastic, children in Grades 1-5 are inquiring into ‘How much plastic do we use each day?’
Children have been asked to write down every time they use a plastic cup, bag or straw on their ‘Plastic Diary’. There are four key questions to think about each day…
Count how many plastic bags you get.
Count how many plastic bags you reuse.
Count how many plastic bottles you use (e.g water, drinks).
Count how many single-use cups you use.
Count how many plastic straws you use (at home and when you are out).
Help us raise awareness of how much plastic people use each day by helping your child with this, perhaps you could keep a diary like this as a family too.
At the end of next week, we will tally each class and then the whole Junior School to see how much plastic we use.

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