Physical Education and Swimming lessons

Our students are looking forward to PE Swimming Lessons beginning next week for EY3-G5 and Week 3 for EY2. Watch out for an email in your inbox about your PE and Swimming days.

Our PE staff would also like to encourage all EY3 – Grade 5 to bring balance into their lives by joining a CMAC (Chiang Mai Athletics Conference) team for Basketball, Swimming, Football, Track and Feild, or Futsal. Our Juniors compete against 7 other schools in the Chiang Mai area and some compete as far away as Bangkok.

Other Exploria activities, such as Prem FC (weekly top-up football lessons outside of CMAC), Tennis, Golf, and Cricket provide students with many wonderful opportunities to be part of a team and build their fitness and skills.

CMAC and other Exploria activities will be open for sign-up next Tuesday and begin Week 3, 27 August.

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