Phuket Football Tournament

On 5 November many boarding students who are skilled members of the boys’ and girls’ football teams made their way to the Phuket for the annual football tournament held at the British International School (BISP).

The first day of the tournament began with breakfast at 6.45 am and getting ready for the big day. Not long after arrival at BISP there was an hour for both teams to get accustomed to the atmosphere and surroundings before the boys’ first match.

After two days of football, a lot of rain and plenty of smiles, the tournament was called to an early halt due to the unsafe pitches which by then were beginning to resemble swimming pools! Both teams had great tournaments with the boys finishing third in their pool after some closely contested matches and the girls also finishing third, including a very narrow loss to last year’s champions. There was some great football played by both sides and it was an amazing experience to see both sets of teams supporting each other and enjoying the tournament.

Everyone who went thoroughly enjoyed the event. Thank you to the squads for being so well-behaved, bringing pride to the school and for making the trip even more enjoyable for the coaches. Thank you also to our amazing coaches Relle, Preben and Paul: your time and commitment to the teams are highly valued. May this be the start of a great season!


Written by Ajarn Jessica and Ajarn Paul


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