Peace in our Junior School

Our IB PYP Programme, the Attributes of Learner Profile and our Personal and Social Education learning outcomes, drive us to think about ways to be caring in our community.  International-mindedness also challenges us to think about ways we can promote intercultural understanding and respect, to understand the complexity of different cultures, to respect diversity, and to listen to and respect competing viewpoints.

In promoting acts of kindness and peace, our EY3’s have been encouraging the whole Junior School to think of ways we can take care of people in our school, at home, and in the wider community.  On Peace Day they reminded us what it means to be peaceful and they helped us understand that small messages or acts of kindness help make Prem the best possible place to learn.

I am very proud of my community, my school and my EY3 students because I have a sense that our students really do care when we empower them to take action and promote these acts of kindness in our community.  EY3 were very proud of their peace rocks, the messages of kindness tied to trees, as well as leading the Peace Day assembly (take a look at our video).  My hope is that by embracing the importance of peace and kindness in our community that our world will continue to be a fabulous place to live in the future.

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