Parents as Learners

On Tuesday 10 November a courageous group of JS parents participated in the Grades 1 – 5 Maths Parent Workshop.

This workshop was designed to explain to parents the Maths curriculum in the Junior School and for them to gain further understanding of what experiences their children have each day in their Maths lessons as they inquire into different Maths concepts.

These mums, dads and Grandmas all deserve a pat on the back for their willingness to participate in a range of activities. Their curiosity was sparked and their participation in activities such as 'subitising bunny ears', 'M &M fractions', and 'Guess and check' enabled them to see that we not only want our children to be knowledgeable in Maths but for them to be able to 'show what you know' and apply these skills in a variety of creative and interesting ways in different settings.

Parents applied their understanding of the 'Guess and check' strategy in a modified investigation called 'Lengthy Leaps' which saw them leaping and bounding around the library and measuring their leaps. 

Well done to our parents for being such good inquirers and thank you for attending the workshop. 

Save the date!

JS PYP Parent workshop

8:30 am Monday 30 November upstairs in the library.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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