Parents and Students Join Together to Learn About the PYP Exhibition

As we prepare the Grade 5’s for the PYP Exhibition, it was great to see so many parents turn up to the Student/Parent workshop and learn about the process together.  The overarching big idea this year is ‘Be True, Be You. Discover your Passion’, learn and take action. This fits really nicely with the overarching Transdisciplinary Theme; How We Express Ourselves. We have been developing and preparing for the PYP Exhibition since the beginning of the year with weekly lessons.
It was fabulous to see the students identify with the words, fun, exciting but still nervous as they shared with their parents how they are feeling about the Exhibition.
The students participated in interactive tasks with their parents as they explored their values and discussed their feelings about the PYP. By the end of the workshop, the parents and the students developed a shared understanding of the process together and in the next steps forward. The PYP Exhibition involves the whole school community with parents, teachers, mentors, leaders and even our community experts who can support the students in the process.

Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

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