Parent Workshop: Introduction to SeeSaw

Junior School parents engaged in a workshop led by Ajarn Megan to learn more about Seesaw, the digital platform that is used throughout the students journey in Junior School. Parents learned about the purpose of Seesaw and important features such as announcements, their child’s journal and the ability to translate comments or messages. We explored how to find important announcements about events happening within the classroom and our Prem Community. Parents gained a better understanding of how to use and interact with their child and child’s teacher within the platform. 

Seesaw acts as our main form of communication as well as a place to house student work from year to year. Parents were encouraged to use their phones during the workshop to follow along with the steps and ask questions. Together, we brainstormed some ways in which we could improve the use of Seesaw at Prem to make it easier for parents. 

The main message is for parents to be comfortable interacting within Seesaw using the language they feel most comfortable and confident in, as the platform will translate the text for teachers and/or students. The app will also translate any messages or comments by teachers or students to the language in which their device is set in, making it easier for parents to read announcements. 

If you have any questions about Seesaw, I am always happy to help and find an answer! Please don’t hesitate to email me at



Kind regards, 

Megan Gless 

Grade 4 Teacher