Parent Workshop - Executive Function

This week, the Learning Support team was pleased to present a parent workshop on Executive Function.
Executive function refers to the set of cognitive processes that we all need to develop in order to operate adaptively in school and beyond. Participants learned about the various sub-skills that fall under executive function – such as impulse control, mental flexibility, working memory and organization – and some straightforward strategies for promoting these crucial, lifelong skills in children. 
Special emphasis was placed on how to structure remote learning at home, as this can be a particularly challenging time for families to navigate. 
The Learning Support team hopes that there were helpful takeaways for all participants! We firmly believe that parents are our number one allies in our students’ learning, and are committed to providing regular, high-quality community outreach programmes.
If you missed the workshop then please see the presentation slides here:

Akane Yoshida

Senior School Learning Support Teacher

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