Thank you to all who attended this Months Meeting, PSC Meet Up” now every 1st Tuesday* of the month.

This months theme focused on the Well-Being of our children, a topic that has become a fundamental ingredient to successful learning. PREM takes a holistic approach to the well-being and educational experience of our students. Aj. Rachel presented the new Senior Leadership Teams along with their support staff. As part of the schools Professional Development Time” (students late starts), the whole school facility has developed a concept to capture the key areas important to Prem. Here is the infographic that best depicts this concept. As part of the upcoming CIS accreditation visits, three areas require a definition review:


Global Citizenship

Intercultural Learning

DEIJ – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (Anti-Racism)

The revised definitions were discussed and parents were invited to give their input. Prem is considering a new Logo.  Several options were reviewed and an explanation of the design was given. Senior Leadership Team Updates:

  •       Music Department: Excellent take up of individual music lessons – 50% of music lesson trials converted to committed lessons.  

If you would like to know more about the Music Academy and its facilities – feel free to drop in on Wednesdays or Thursdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Location: Cluster 4. Please email Chris Johnson directly at for further information or questions.

  •       Junior School Updates / Addressing areas of previous concern from parents:
  •       Lunchtimes:

50 Minutes for Junior Students – 25 mins of which is in the canteen eating

50 Minutes for Middle School

45 Minutes for High School

All students are encouraged to have some form of physical exercise outside after eating and reducing screen time.

  •       Mother Tongue Languages:

All parents were asked to voice their opinion on whether children should be allowed to speak their Mother Tongue outside of lessons. Since there is a strong focus on Well-Being, it was felt that allowing children to take mental breaks between lessons and giving them the freedom and security to speak in their first language was mentally, emotionally and socially beneficial. Look out for the Parents Book Club Workshop on The Whole Brain Child” by Daniel J Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson – Friday 21st October 8 am – 2nd Floor Library.

New Junior Counsellor – Aliya Allibhai who specialises in gifted & talented/exceptionally able students. An overview and comprehensive explanation of 3-Way Conferences were given.     

  • Senior School Updates:

    Focus on 100s of Term 1 Positives #PPP (Proud Prem Principal)

    A review of canteen offerings and nutrition. Lots of positive feedback from the students regarding food offerings.

    A focus on Physical Activity during recess – addressed in many areas with an emphasis on reduced screen time Off Devices”

 An idea was suggested, to supply students with badminton/ping pong equipment to encourage physical activity during recess.

    Upcoming Parent Workshop Dates Marketing – Prem Parents Elevator Pitch”. 

An interactive activity was conducted whereby parents got into pairs to share Their Story about Prem” and why you should send your child to Prem.

PSC Events Coming Up

  •       Very positive feedback from the PSC Brunch at the Shangri-La 2 weeks ago. If you were unable to attend please see the short video available:

  •       Trunk or Treat – Halloween Activities – 28th October from 4.30 pm Location TBC (see registration details below)
  •       Careers Fair – 15th November (more details to follow
  •       PREMarathon – 18th November (more details to follow)

Please join us for TRUNK OR TREAT

*Register your vehicle to participate in this years Halloween Trunk or Treat. improve. Please register by 24th October 2022. For questions email by Monday 26th October 2022.

House Events

Parents were invited to participate in future House Events by selling food items.  If you are interested and would like further information please email: Ajarn Trisha

Student Council Halloween Activities

The Student Council and the PSC are working together to create a memorable experience for the entire Prem community (Students from EY to G12, parents and teachers). The event will take place on Friday the 28th of October, Football Field, Time TBC.

Any groups (students or parents) wishing to sell food/ drinks, host any carnival activities, or any other ideas you may have, please fill out this form by the 21st of October. 

 PSC Nomination Sign-Up and Introduction

The Nominees for roles within the PSC will be reviewed and the new PSC Team will be announced at next month’s PSC “Meet-Up”. Thank you to all who attended this months Meet-Up”. If you were unable to attend but would like to watch the recording of the meeting please email: for the link. Our next PSC Meet Up will be held on 1st November 2022 – the Meeting Theme will be Communication. We kindly ask you to send any questions to the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) For questions email by Wednesday 26th October 2022.

*Exceptions due to school/public holiday conflicts

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