Parent Book Study

A very big thank you to those who joined the launch of our parent book study this past Thursday! Not only was Literacy Week a hit with our students, but it also provided us adults with a truly timely opportunity to gather and connect over some thought-provoking reading material. 


Our discussion with parents from over five different cultural backgrounds showed us that the issue of how to manage emotionally challenging moments with our children is unquestionably one that transcends nationality, upbringing and language. The hour-long session seemed to go by in a flash as we collectively worked through a number of “visible thinking routines” (the very same routines that our students use in class!) to share our thoughts and experiences. This introductory session delved into such topics as the types of behaviors that we find most troubling in our children, our current attitudes towards such behaviors, the strategies we have attempted thus far in managing these moments, and the neurobiology behind our responses. Next up: through what lense do we view our children’s behavior, and what are some skills that they need to develop in order to cope with life’s inevitable problems?


The Explosive Child is a New York Times bestseller by clinical child psychologist Dr. Ross Greene, who – in addition to being a renowned academic and author in his field – is the founding director of the nonprofit Lives in the Balance and the originator of the empirically supported Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model of care. CPS is a “non-punitive, non-adversarial, trauma-informed” approach that is based on the premise that “challenging behavior occurs when the expectations…exceed the [child’s] capacity to respond adaptively” (Greene, 2021). We highly recommend visiting for more information about CPS and Dr. Greene’s work with families and schools around the world. 


We will be holding our next session, covering chapters 2 through 4, on March 4th. A free copy of the book may be downloaded here. Please consider joining us even if you missed this introductory session! The more we share, the more empowered we become, and the more we deepen our partnership in your children’s education.


Until next time! We are, as ever,


Your friendly neighborhood LS team


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