Painting with Botanicals

On Sunday , some of our staff from Barge, Farm and Camp hosted a Meetup event with Free Bird Cafe in Chiang Mai. They taught participants how to extract a range of beautiful colours that could be used as watercolour paints! Flowers, leaves, and various types of tree bark were used to create 100% natural, non-toxic water colours. These were all extracted from our very own Three Generation Farm!
It was a brilliant day and a lot of valuable knowledge on living sustainably was shared. Thank you for everyone who came to join us, and a big should out to our partner, Free Bird Cafe. If you missed the event this time, not to worry! Follow us @TraidhosFarm, so you’ll be the first to hear about future events!
Come and learn about sustainability with us! Visit our website or send us an email:

Haaniah Akhtar

Camp Coordinator

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