Our Grade 4 entrepreneurs

As part of their How We Organise Ourselves Unit, Gr 4 students have created small businesses. These businesses will be selling their goods and services to other Junior School Students and the Prem Community at 9:55am on Thursday 28 April in the Junior School Undercroft, and on Friday 13 May at the Traidhos Community Market. All profits will go towards Hand2Paw to help homeless dogs.

Junior school students are invited to bring money to school on Thursday 28 April to support the Gr 4 businesses, we ask that children do not bring more than 100 Baht to spend.

The names of businesses and products offered are listed below:

Cookies and BrowniesCookies and Brownies for 30 Baht each or two for 50 Baht
Future fortunesFortune telling “chatter boxes” that might win you a prize such as a paint kit, pencil case and many other prizes for 20Baht per go.
Baimon and Viveka’s 
variety of stationary
A lucky draw with the chance to win paint, highlighters, colour pencils, colouring books, felt pens and pens. Every ticket wins a prize. The price is 30 Baht per ticket
S’morey S’moresS’mores for 20Baht each. If you buy more than 3 s’mores you will get forth one for free.
Paint with snacks

Donuts 25Baht, ice-cream 30Baht, candy 10Baht, chocolate 25Baht, juice 30Baht  and  smoothie 30Baht.

Customers can paint on the white T-shirt, each T-shirt is 80Baht each.

Olivia and Ekdiya’s delightsChocolate 20Baht, Lollipops 10Baht, Chocolate mousse 110Baht,Hershey's 80Baht, m&m 35Baht, Marshmallows 30Baht and Lemonade 45Baht.

Cupcakes 30 Baht

Drinks (including,  homemade lemonade and hot/ ice chocolate with marshmallow.) 25 Baht

PROMOTION: Get a snack and a drink for 40Baht

Brighten up your styleWe will be selling key ring charms and coco key ring charms  for 15 Baht buy four get one free
Be cool and relaxCoco is 20Baht. When you buy 2 iced coco, you will get one free

If you have any further questions about these businesses please email Ajarn Lachie at lachlanr@ptis.ac.th


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