Our Gala Concert is Nearly Here!

We are all incredibly excited about the upcoming Gala concert with Terra on February 13! This is their penultimate concert of the season and a wonderful chance for our Prem students to collaborate and perform with some of Thailand’s finest, classical musicians. At Prem, we know that this is exactly the type of experience that both nurtures self-confidence and teamwork and simultaneously nourishes the creative souls of both our performers and the assembled audience. The musical talents of Jamie from Grade 4, William, Grade 8, Jerry, Grade 5, Karen, Grade 9, Felix, Grade 5, Sam, Grade 10, Iven, Grade 5 and Henry, Grade 3 will no doubt dazzle us all, we look forward to seeing you there!

Prem’s Music Academy and our Artist Residency Thailand programme are huge parts of our ongoing commitment to ‘education for creativity. We are very conscious of the correlation between engagement with the arts and academic success and are excited to be part of this dynamic collaboration, but it doesn’t stop with this February performance! Plans are fully underway to welcome not just more dynamic musicians from in and around Thailand, but also an international residency with the celebrated composer Nicholas Lens in May. 

Collaboration between Prem departments and our Music Academy will include composition and performance opportunities, master classes for our music and film students and a whole host of unique, creative opportunities for our community. Although we won’t be welcoming non-academy musicians to campus in February, moving forward, we are looking forward to experiencing the energy and outcomes that are created from exposing Prem students to the musical brilliance of a whole host of incredible performers and composers and we look forward to welcoming you to all and any of the sharing events that are borne out of these collaborations.


Alex Soulsby

Creative Director

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