Our filed trip to Pun Pun farm

Last Friday we visited Pun Pun farm. Here are some of the students’ reflections on the trip.

What did we see?
We saw a row of huge water tanks, green plants, a small shop, sticky mud, a fish pond, mud bricks, houses that are made from mud, and nice rice fields.

What did we do?

We learn about the different uses about each water tank to filter water so it’s clean to drink.

We learn how to make mud bricks.
And we drank many kinds of fruit smoothie e.g. mango, pineapple,  banana, chocolate and passion fruit.
We made presentations in groups about solar energy products explaining “What is this?”, “What is it for?” , “What does it work?”

What did we learn?
How to make mud bricks
We have to step and walk on the mud in the pond to make it smooth and soft. It feels little bit dirty and

Then we mixed rice husks with the mud and put some mud into the buckets.
Next, we passed the bucket to the land and poured it in a form to make mud bricks.

Then we left the  the mud bricks to dry in the sun.
See the students’ individual reflections here.

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