Our Community Self-Portrait Project

The purpose of this project is to bring the community together in an artistic way, and at the same time, to celebrate each person’s individuality. The self-portraits are on display on the main floor of the library. Please come and visit the library and take a look at the fascinating self-portraits and questions that people have created.


The project started in August 2015.  It took more than eight weeks to complete over 800 self-portraits 

Everyone was asked to draw a self-portrait and also to write a question that they did not know the answer to.  The questions range from philosophical wonderings to specific factual questions. Some are light-hearted and some are deep.  Many people would argue that our questions and curiosities are more important than answers as it is the questions that lead to continuous learning.


This is an ongoing participatory project, and we hope that parents, grandparents, guardians and other community 

members will add their self-portraits to our community “wall.” The library staff at the Circulation Desk have 

squares of paper cut for you.  You can borrow a pencil and permanent black marker and draw your own self-


Thanks to everyone for joining in and supporting this project.

The Library Staff

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