Optional HPV vaccine

A reminder for all parents and guardians of students in Gr 4-8, if you wish your child to have the optional HPV vaccine next week on Thursday 22 March, the permission note must be returned to school by Monday 19 March.
As a parent or guardian we think it is important that you are aware of the facts about HPV and the vaccine that is available to protect your child.
What is HPV?
HPV is a common virus. Most people exposed to HPV will never develop health issues. But for others, HPV causes major health problems, including cervical, anal, vulvar, mouth, and throat cancer. Most infected people have no symptoms and may spread the virus without knowing it. HPV spreads mainly through sexual contact.
How can I protect my child from HPV?
Make sure your child gets the HPV vaccine. The vaccine is highly effective. The best time to get it is before sexual activity ever starts. The HPV vaccine can prevent infection from some of the most common and serious types of HPV that cause cancer and genital warts. The vaccine does not get rid of existing HPV infections.
Who should get the vaccine and when should they get it?
Two doses of HPV vaccine are recommended for all boys and girls starting at ages 9 to 14.
Where can I find the HPV vaccine?
If you would like your child to have this vaccine at school please indicate on the form below and we will organise with Bangkok Hospital for this to be administered on Thursday 22 March. The vaccinations will take place in the Health Clinic between 3 and 5 pm. The cost of this vaccination is 3700 thb per child and will be billed to each family in their Term 4 fees. Alternatively, ask your doctor, nurse, or local health department to find out more about HPV vaccine and where you can get it here in Chiang Mai.
Additional forms are available from K.Aey or K.Kib. If you have any questions please contact A. Anita jsprincipal@ptis.ac.th

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