The Learner Profile is a set of 10 attributes or aspirational qualities we ask all of our students to embrace at Prem.  The International Baccalaureate Programme encourages these attributes to support students to become internationally-minded.   The attributes help us to 'Reflect' on how we interact with others by being 'Caring' and 'Open-minded', building respect for different cultures and people around us.  We are 'Knowledgeable', 'Thinkers', and are taught to be 'Inquiries' who ask questions, explore and solve problems.  We are 'Balanced' in the way we make choices, whether it be with food or exercise or other choices in life.  We are 'Communicators', sharing our knowledge in creative ways.  We are 'Risk-takers', courageous, resilient, showing grit and determination; we are Tough Prem Panthers!

Each month we acknowledge those students who demonstrate these values of our Learner Profile at our Monday line-ups.  Congratulations to this month's recipients who showed many examples of being 'open-minded'.  


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