One of Prem’s Longest Serving Staff Members: Linda Buck

Linda Buck is one of our longest serving expatriate staff members, arriving here in 2003, and still with us 20 years later! Linda has served at Prem through thick and thin and in a variety of roles including, but not limited to: JS Counselor, Alumni Coordinator, Director of External Relations, International Day Organiser, Year Book Organiser, CIS Steering Committee Member, Operation Smile Supervisor, JS Library Time (EY1 – G5), and of course, Director of Boarding.

Linda has seen the school from nearly its beginning up until now, so we felt it pertinent to highlight her here, as we are grateful for her dedication to the school and heart for the students. Linda shared just a snippet of her journey and thoughts with us below:

“We arrived in Chiang Mai in 2003, newly retired, but here for volunteer work with the Chiang Mai Cricket Association. When we were looking at returning to the UK, we were asked by the Head of Prem at the time if we would stay while my husband built the cricket pitch. I now realise how you can change the direction of your life in one conversation! Working in boarding was so far from my comfort zone that I couldn’t even imagine a life with 60 children around me, but it changed me, for the better. I had to learn how to have more patience, tolerance, empathy and care. I became a protector of the students in boarding.

I cannot believe the number of years I have spent here, but in all honesty, it just felt right. The years went by so fast – each new year, new student, graduation. I loved the campus and I still have a sense of calm when I drive in the gates. I enjoy living in a community where you can spend time with your neighbours or just be on your own. Mostly I enjoy the company of the children, and every day is different. I wonder at their resilience, their independence and their ability to live outside of their home countries and/or away from their families. I know for some of them they see Prem boarding as their ‘home’ away from their families, and that makes it all worthwhile.” – Linda Buck

Every staff member’s journey looks different, and we are thankful for each of you and that you have ended up at this school. We know there are others out there among our community who have their story to share or something to celebrate, and we are looking for you! Please email Anna at with your submissions, which could include one of the following: exciting sports records/awards in your life (e.g. completing a triathlon, marathon, or bike trip), furthering your personal or professional goals (e.g. PD, schooling, language learning, entrepreneurship), publications and presentations from the past year, or anything else you’re proud of or are willing to celebrate with Prem’s community. Hopefully this will be a space to cheer each other on and to get to know one another!


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