October Golf Camp

The October Golf camp brought together many friends from Junior school who are never tired of hitting a Golf ball and always wish they could spend more time at the Golf centre. The students made the most of the opportunity and spent a full day at the Golf centre learning key fundamentals piece by piece, on their journey to honing their own respective Golf swings. We were also joined by friend and visiting Golfer, Danny Entac from the American International school in Hong Kong, who came and spent a week in Chiang Mai to be a part of the Golf camp. It was a pleasure having Danny join our students. Not only did he blend in, making some new friends but was also able to keep up skill wise. The campers were also introduced to our latest addition, the Coach’s Eye Golf swing software and thoroughly enjoyed studying their Golf swings frame by frame and watching themselves in ultra slow motion. We were able to cover several topics in the Golf swing curriculum and concluded with a friendly 9 hole game at the Sansai Golf course. The last day is the most enjoyable day for our students as they bring all the skills they have worked on and put it into practice. Well done campers! I look forward to spending more time with you soon – Coach Sid.

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