Number Sense in EY3

In EY3, we have continued to explore and further develop our number sense.  The children have enjoyed playing games and working with materials to practice one to one correspondence, number recognition, number formation, and the beginning stages of subitizing.

Here, students use play-doh to practice number formation as well as one to one correspondence.  First, the dice is rolled to determine the number to make and count.

Number BINGO is a new favorite in EY3!  The children especially enjoy playing the role of “teacher” calling out the numbers for others to find on the number on their game board.  This is a great game to work on number recognition.

Using loose parts is another way to practice one to one correspondence.  The children have come up with different ways and games to use them.

With the Numicons, we have been exploring the different ways we can make ten.  They manipulated and compared the Numicons to make groups of ten, then recorded their findings in their inquiry books.

How many ways can you make 10?

Parents, while at school, home, or somewhere else in the community, encourage your child to continue working on his/her number sense.  Try to find numbers in the environment, count objects, and find ways to include number in your daily routines.