November PSC Meet Up

Thank you to all who attended this Month’s Meeting, “PSC MeetUp”, which is now every 1st Tuesday* of the month. This month we began the theme of Communication focusing on: How we communicate – Where we communicate – Who we communicate with.

Whole School:

  • The importance and benefits of using positive communication as a community, embracing the feeling of being: Respected, Supported, Valued, Trusted, Appreciated

  • Book Recommendation: Talk It Out by Barbara E. Sanderson. The book helps you deal with the conflicts and confrontations and provides strategies and techniques.
  • Introduced new PSC Chair/Coordinator, (more on the new PSC Officers below!)
  • A huge Thank You to the whole of the Prem Community for participating, organising, supporting the frightful Halloween event on Friday, October 28th. Please see the video provided by Nita, Grade 2 Ambassador.

Junior School:

  • Beautiful pictorial update of recent events!
  • Congratulations to both U12 Girls and U12 Boys for securing 3rd Place at the recent CMAC tournaments.
  • Feedback was provided on the successes of Parent Conferences and reiterated the importance of the 3-way communication and collaboration between Parent, Staff & Student.
  • An overview of Seesaw was provided:
  • What it is * How it works * How it is used
  • Junior School communications protocols were clarified, particularly the vital role of the Homeroom teachers in both academic issues and social/emotional issues with students.

Senior School:

  • Competitive House Activities
  • SAT Tests
  • Prem Panthers CMAC Season
  • Creative Writing Workshops with Rosalia Gitau (Prem Short Stories from Covid will be produced)
  • Eco Committee hosting WWF 
  • Parent Teacher Student Conferences Grade 10 Future Pathways
  • MUN event November 11 & 12
  • PREMathalon is back!

PSC Chair/Coordinator:

Monthly PSC “Meet Ups” have recently been themes. Last month’s theme was the “Well Being of the Students.” The Themes are decided based on feedback from the parent community and areas that have been a topic of discussion within school. We very much encourage and invite parents to provide input / feedback on future themes. Please send your suggestions to:

Over the coming weeks we will focus on communication etiquette at PREM and suggest that the current Communication Charter along with the 7 Norms of Collaboration used by Prem staff be adapted for parents to form a Prem Parent Community Communication Guide.

Aj. Justin walked us through the 7 Norms of Collaboration and provided a brief background into the platforms of communication used at PREM namely:

Seesaw (Primary)

Engage (whole school)

ManageBac (Senior)

Email (Main whole school communication) Weekly Community Newsletter (whole school) LINE Groups (Grade and Cultural Ambassadors Meetings, Workshops, Events and Conferences.


Feedback on the recently conducted Elevator pitches, looking at words that parents, students and staff frequently used to describe what aspects of Prem they liked best.

Prem Open Day – A call for parent volunteers to accompany prospective parents on Campus tours:

Thursday, Nov. 10th, Junior School: 9.00-10.30 a.m.

Thursday, Nov. 10th, Senior School: 10.30-12.00 p.m.

Volunteer sign ups:

PSC Events Volunteers Required:  

  • 15th November – Careers, College and University Fair, 
  • 18th November – PREMathlon
  • 7th December – Junior Track and Field, 
  • 8th December – Winter Carnival, 
  • 28th January – International Day

If you can help support in any capacity for these events, please contact:


We are very pleased and excited to announce our new PSC Officers and welcome them all to the team!

Roles Filled:

  • PSC Chair/Coordinator:  Leigh-Jane Obermayer
  • PSC Secretary: Dr. Bob Buchanan
  • PSC Treasurer Assistant: Yuan He

New Roles:

  • PSC IT: Bill Chen
  • PSC Events Assistant: Christina Liu
  • PSC Volunteer Support: Samuel Liu

An overview provided of the PSC Team Structure and how the Parent Community is incorporated.

FUN / GAME TIME with Kahoot: How Well Do You Know Your Prem Acronyms?

Thank you to all who attended this month’s “PSC Meet-Up”. Our next PSC Meet Up will be held on 6th December 2022 – we will continue and build on the theme of communication. We kindly ask you to send any questions to the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) via: by Wednesday 30th November 2022.

*Exceptions due to school/public holiday conflicts


Dr. Bob Buchanan

PSC Secretary

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